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Naturopathic Physician Training

An Overview

Naturopathic Physician Training consists of three Stages:

  • Stage 3 – Naturopathic Physician Training & Clinical Skills
  • Stage 4 – Therapeutics & Practice Management
  • Stage 5 – Clinical Practice

For those wishing to progress onto completing their Diploma in Herbal & Naturopathic Medicine (Tibb), satisfactory completion of Naturopathic Physician Training is required.

Who Is This Programme For?

Naturopathic Physician Training is suitable for those interested in learning traditional (Tibb) and modern (Complimentary & Alternative) skills to help their patients and clients.  This programme requires satisfactory completion of Stages 1 & 2 in Foundation in Natural Health.

Objectives of Stage 3 - Naturopathic Physician Training & Clinical Skills

Students at this stage begin to develop their consciousness, approach and skills as future naturopathic physicians.  They continue to develop the knowledge and skills they began to develop in Foundation in Natural Health, with their now patient-centred approach.

In this stage, students learn and develop the skills to conduct a patient interview and take relevant case notes, as well as to professionally assess an individual client/future patient.

The training delivered in this stage emphasises professional considerations such as health and safety, confidentiality, record keeping and data protection. After completing Stage 3, students can begin to take their own individual clinical case studies.

Objectives of Stage 4 - Therapeutics & Practice Management

Basic anatomy and physiology is introduced in this stage.  Specific disease examples are explored with a view to learning how to successfully manage maintenance of health and treatment of diseases.

Students in this stage are informed of the basic procedures with respect to accidents and emergencies, and to know when to refer a patient elsewhere.

In Stage 4, just like in Stage 3, professional considerations are emphasised, with a particular focus on UK legislation that is relevant to their practice.  In addition, students learn the main business considerations relevant to their practice.

Objectives of Stage 5 - Clinical Practice

This is a practical stage where students acquire the skills they need to eventually demonstrate safe, effective, legal and financially viable naturopathic and herbal practice.  This will take place at a working clinic.

In Stage 5, students practically learn how to prepare and manage their clinic premises and equipment, receive patients, interview their patients, and learn important skills to do with making and dispensing medicines.

Those wishing to pursue the Diploma in Herbal & Naturopathic Medicine (Tibb) are required to attend this stage which will allow them to experience at least 30 hours of various clinical activities including seeing patients and preparing and dispensing supplements and medicines.

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